Huron Commodities is built on integrity and trust. Martin and Ellen VanderLoo started Huron Commodities in 1988. Their mission was to work with local
farmers to grow quality products and provide them with an opportunity to sell them.

A simple plan with sincere objectives – That truly represents Huron Commodities.

Through dedication and adapting to an ever changing world, Huron Commodities has continued to thrive. Huron promotes Canadian products on the world stage, focusing on niche markets and only the highest quality.

This is truly a story of hard work paying off.

Premium Forage All Year Round

Your horse is like family. We know you want only the best and that’s why our products are All Natural!

Summit Brand uses steam and pressure to form our forage cubes and pellets. We believe that when you purchase Alfalfa, you should get just that. We leave your horse’s diet up to you.

Making the perfect cube or pellet is like your Grandmother’s recipe for her famous pie crust. Unless you hold true to the product, its just not the same.

With over 40 years experience making forage products, there is no need for binders or additives. We take our responsibility of feeding your horse very seriously. There is no room for anything else.